What is 3 Carat Radiant Cut Lab Diamond? Rare Carat Lab Diamonds are a great choice for that special someone in your life. They offer the perfect balance between size and carat weight. Choosing a 3 ct diamond you can be assured that when you buy lab-created diamonds they will be created to the highest standards of quality, grade, colour and clarity from worldwide laboratories, making them an excellent choice for engagement rings or other jewellery purchases. You save money on these stones because there are no middlemen or jewellers involved in the process of acquiring them for resale.

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  1. Ask for discount

When buying Radiant cut diamonds or lab-created diamonds, it's important to get a discount. One way to do so is by asking for one at the time of purchase. You can ask for a discount over the contract price since you are getting a special deal because you are buying lab-created diamonds. To get their best deal, you can always purchase larger quantities since they will become cheaper per unit with each order placed because they are directly from our factory overseas. You will not be paying those middlemen and jewellers anymore or import taxes and duties when you buy these in bulk from us. This means that your final product will come to be cheaper than if you bought one piece of diamond everywhere else online or offline.

  1. Look for coupons

Nobody likes to pay full price. For lab-grown diamonds and other pieces of jewellery, this will not be a problem. You can find coupons in magazines like Good Housekeeping, Coupons in the Sunday Times and so on. Sometimes these coupons can be found online as well.

  1. Look for Manufacturers who offer wholesale prices

One way you can purchase large quantities of diamonds at low prices is to buy them from manufacturers that sell them on wholesale deals or at highly competitive prices. This will allow you to purchase more than one piece per order and cut down on your total cost per unit of lab-grown diamonds.

  1. Buy from trusted dealers

Another way to get high-quality white diamonds for your jewellery at affordable prices is to buy them from dealers that you can trust. You will find these dealers off and on the internet. While on the internet, you can look for dealers who offer their products wholesale so that you can make a great deal of savings when buying them in bulk.

  1. Look for Deals

This is an easy way to save money on your diamonds. When you find a good deal, buy it. This does not only apply to diamonds but also to other pieces of jewellery as well. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, a wedding band or any other piece of jewellery, make sure that you look around and take advantage of great deals when they come along so that you can get more bang for your buck.

Cost of 3 ct diamonds

The cost of 3 ct diamonds depends on many factors such as the quality, cut, colour and clarity of the diamond. 3 Ct diamonds can be purchased in US $200 per carat to $300 per carat depending on the market conditions. These are approximate figures and many other factors determine the cost of lab-grown diamonds including size, shape, colour and clarity. RareCarat guarantee that all of our stones are 100% Conflict Free and you will find them at exceptionally low prices in comparison to other suppliers.


A perfect and unique engagement ring or another piece of jewellery should not only be expensive but also still have great value in terms of price and quality and that is what 3 ct diamonds at www.RareCarat.com can offer you. By purchasing 3 ct diamonds online you are guaranteed to have a high-quality diamond with a beautiful cut, colour and clarity at a fraction of the cost of buying one single piece anywhere else.